Power & Natural Gas Procurement

Our team of experts will evaluate your energy needs, determine the best supplier and energy purchase strategy for your business. We help our clients manage energy costs for both electricity and natural gas. Our goal is to minimize risk exposure and provide budget certainty and control budgetary uncertainty, while offering transparency throughout the pricing process.

LED Lighting

ECA offers LED lighting products to help curtail electric usage and reduce long-term energy costs. Through programs provided by National Grid, Eversource, as well as other Utilities in the New England area, we provide high quality LED lighting at reasonable prices. Our LED retrofit programs in New England are some of the best in the country.


We have teamed up with several solar providers can provide end-to-end commercial & industrial solar installation management, from an initial feasibility assessment to final solar facilities design and installation, for clients interested in reducing their electricity energy needs. We also provide virtual net metering. The primary benefit of virtual net meter aggregation is lower costs.

Utility Bill Auditing

Utility rate class, taxes, other billing errors and overcharges on your electric and natural gas, bills do occur Our team will rapidly identify bill concerns. We often find many years of recoverable costs related to incorrect billing by the utilities.  Additionally, we find retrievable costs charged by third party energy providers. Our expertise can save you time and money. We take the mystery out of your bills.